1 juli: World Class Materials Innovation

Creating capacity to support businesses to leverage from the investments in infrastructure.

Sommar 2020 blir fylld av möjligheter till möten, inspiration och kunskap, trots ett inställt Almedalen:

World Class Materials Innovation

When: Wednesday July 1, 11-12
Where: Live stream 

Targeted investments in research infrastructure create new and unmatched opportunities for science. The plan is, that with the best infrastructure in the world and a lot of international visitors, Lund will become a unique spot for science and innovations. Welcome to Materials Business Center and Packbridge session at #iställetföralmedalen, where we will tackle the following:

  • How do we co-create the same opportunity for businesses and the public sector to innovate?
  • How do we include existing initiatives and engage more actors?

Join us and hear the guests of our panel discuss the priority areas that need to be taken into consideration, so that the technology park in connection with Science Village (Lund), proposed by the Swedish government, truly carries-out its mission.


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