Affärer och innovation inom Big Science, 29 maj

Välkommen till Big Science Sweden i Lund den 29 maj!

Explore business and innovation with Big Science Sweden at Skåne Innovation Week

How can more companies secure business for high-tech products and services to Big Science facilities? Big Science Sweden is helping Big Science facilities across the world finding Swedish suppliers. We work with companies with a wide range of technical specialities, providing different types of solutions and resources. We guide them in developing their knowledge and skills to solve critical problems for Big Science facilities creating both business and innovation.

Welcome to an inspiring afternoon with big science, space, innovation and more!



Startdatum: 2018-05-29 kl. 15:00

Slutdatum: 2018-05-29 kl. 17:00

Plats: Ideon Science Park, konferensrum: Square Scheelevägen 15 Lund